Peterhead Guide to Flowers

Guide to Flowers

This page is the guide to how to best care for your flowers. Peterhead flowers have provided this for our customers so you can make the most out of every detail of your flowers and enjoy them for as long as possible. Peterhead flowers provide a care guide and flower food with every flower delivery we send out, this is to ensure high quality products from our top florists.

To best look after your flowers follow these handy tips from our florists to see the best results from your flowers. Up on arrival you want to enjoy your flowers, that’s why our florists deliver all of our hand tied bouquets in a bubble of fresh water so you can enjoy them for a day before you have to do anything with them, if you receive a basket of flowers, flowers as an arrangements or flowers in a vase our florists have already taken all of the steps to ensure your flowers will be just right, all you have to do is ensure your flowers have all of the water they need to stay hydrated.  If you are send a hand tied bouquet you should remove all of the wrapping you flowers come in and remove any excess foliage, this is advised because excess foliage in the water can cause a bacteria in the water which can have an adverse effect on softer flowers such as the gerbera, to stop this just make sure there’s no greenery in the water.

Next Peterhead Flowers advise you should use a clean vase or container to add your flowers to, half fill your container with lukewarm water, add flower food and ensure it’s well mixed. Now comes to putting your flowers in water, cut your stems around 2cm off and cut on a diagonal angle to give your flowers a bigger surface area to absorb the water the best it can which means your cut flowers will last as long as possible.

Our Peterhead Florists always advise our customers to put their flowers in a cool room, not too warm or too cold and to avoid placing them in direct sung light such as on a windows sill as it can dehydrate the flowers and cause them to perish far sooner than they should. Do not place your flowers close to any ripening fruit as they release a gas which is harmful to some types of flowers. Peterhead flowers also advise our customers not to “smash stems” in the past you may have been advised that this would increase the life of your flowers however studies have shown that this causes more harm than good and we do not advise you to follow this advise.

As long as you take these basic step of care your flowers will last at least a week, with our flowers being freshly imported to Peterhead Flowers from Holland up to 4 times a week so your flowers will always be delivered fresh and in great condition. If you would like more information on how to care for your specific flowers you can call or emailPeterhead flowers and one of our expert florists will advise you on how to best care for your flowers.