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  • Gorgeous gift box containing Lionel Derens Champagne, we also give delicious chocolates supplied by Maison Fougere - this is the perfect combination for every celebration. 

    £ 42.00
  • Laurent-Perrier has created unique and elegant Champagnes for nearly two hundred years, so what better gift to open on a special celebration than this presentation box containing a bottle of Laurent-Perrier's esteemed Brut Champagne?

    £ 45.00
  • If you're looking for a truly special, celebratory bottle, this Louis Rozier Champagne sums up everything we love about bubbly. It's wonderfully fresh with a real palette that's full of fruit. There is plenty of fizz and a wonderful effervescence in the mouth. And with a clean, zesty finish, it's surely the perfect way to add sparkle to any special occasion.

    £ 30.00
  • Show just how much you care with this fun gift of balloons and bubbly. Imagine their surprise and delight when they see three bright red heart balloons displaying those magic words ‘I love you’ for all to see. This gift also includes a bottle of sparkling rosé to add to that extra special feeling. This gift is sure to make them smile with pleasure.

    £ 30.00
  • Make a big impression with this fabulous balloon bouquet which is created with six helium-filled balloons. 

    £ 25.00
  • Featuring two carefully selected Chilean wines, this fresh, fruity duo is the perfect combination and a great way to celebrate a special occasion.One 75cl bottle of Wild Orchid Cabernet Rosé and one 75cl bottle of Wild Orchid Sauvignon Blanc in a presentation box.

    £ 26.00
  • This gift includes the very best of everything. They'll be able to sit back and savour a chilled glass of crisp rosé and choose from the extravagant luxury chocolate selection for an extra special treat. The pretty flowering rose plant gives them something extra to enjoy too.

    £ 40.00
  • Imagine how pleased they'll be when they discover your gift includes wine, flowers and chocolates. We've chosen a richly flavoured red wine, a box of premium quality Maison Fougère luxury chocolates and a stunning flowering rose plant. It's all presented in a pretty wicker basket to create a gift that is sure to delight.

    £ 36.00
  • Celebrate a special occasion in style with this magnificent combination of sparkling Rosé wine and delicious Maison Fougère chocolates.

    £ 30.00
  • This indulgent gift box combines a bottle of Champagne from one of the world's most esteemed Champagne brands, Laurent-Perrier, with delicious chocolates from Maison Fougère - a perfect combination for any celebration.

    £ 58.00
  • A crisp, fruity Sauvignon Blanc sourced from the vineyards at the foothills of the majestic Andes. Pale straw in colour with vibrant tropical fruit aromas, this fresh white wine has flavours of lychee and guava with a citrus twist on the finish. Serve chilled as an aperitif or partner with Seafood.

    £ 11.00
  • This carefully selected Merlot is sourced from vineyards at the foothills of the majestic Andes. Intense purple in colour with ripe cherry and plum aromas, this medium-bodied red wine has gentle rounded tannins with a flavourful finish. Partner with pasta, cheeses or something spicy.

    £ 11.00
  • A delicious and fruity Cabernet Rosé sourced from the vineyards at the foothills of the majestic Andes. Brilliant pink in colour with fresh strawberry aromas, this vibrant rosé wine has ripe fruit flavours balanced by a dry finish. Serve chilled as an Aperitif or partner with white meats or seafood.

    £ 11.00
  • This classic Italian fizz is gently aromatic, crisp and delicate with subtle fresh apple flavours.

    £ 24.00
  • If you are contemplating whether to send wine, flowers or chocolates, then this gift makes it easy for you. Beautifully presented in a wicker basket, they'll discover a bottle of crisp white wine, a mouth-watering selection of luxury chocolates and a pretty flowering rose plant. The perfect combination.Featuring a cream rose plant,a bottle of Wild Orchid...

    £ 36.00
  • If they enjoy a glass of good wine, they’ll be delighted with this beautifully presented gift box. We’ve chosen a rich red, a refreshing rose and a crisp white – each with its own distinctive flavour and aroma. They’ll soon be raising a glass to toast you and your kindness.

    £ 37.00
  • This stylish gift box combines a bottle of Le Dolce Collini Prosecco with delicious chocolate truffles from Maison Fougère – a perfect combination for any celebration.

    £ 33.00
  • Featuring a 75cl bottle of sparkling Rosé wine and a box of Maison Fougère salted caramel chocolate truffles in a presentation box.

    £ 33.00
  • Featuring a 75cl bottle of Louis Rozier champagne and a box of Maison Fougère salted caramel chocolate truffles in a presentation box.

    £ 46.00
Showing 1 - 20 of 21 items
Champagne & Wines

Champagnes and Wines by Florists Peterhead

Not only are we expert florists here at Flowers Peterhead , but our florists are also very knowledgeable about wines and champagnes. The great selection of wines and champagnes here at Florists Peterhead are something we pride ourselves on and are perfect for almost every occasion. These bottles of wines and champagnes come in a great selection and can delivered either on their own or with a bouquet or even with another one of our Flower Delivery Peterhead gifts. This saves you time and effort when organising a big event or a gathering with close friends. These wines and champagnes from Flowers Peterhead are also perfect even for just a small party for your family and close friends. At a stressful time when being a host of a party easy access to your drinks is perfect. That is why we can hand deliver a wide range of drinks to your party. Moreover, just one bottle of delicious wine or a classy bottle of champagne from Florists Peterhead can be delivered alongside a beautiful bouquet of flowers to give an extra WOW factor when your loved one or friend opens up their door to our Flower Delivery Peterhead professional delivery drivers. Our wines here at Flowers Peterhead come in a selection of flavours and prices, from delicious rose to go with a pastel coloured bouquet or a bottle of our tasty red or white to go along with a romantic bouquet for a cosy night in with your loved one.


Flowers Peterhead Champagnes and Wines

The wines can be delivered quickly straight from our Florists Peterhead store to the recipients doorstep. So long as you order before 3pm, the wine and champagnes can be delivered the very same day. Moreover, if you know that in the future you will need drinks for a certain night or day, you can order from Flower Delivery Peterhead in advance as you would like. Lots of our customers find this very helpful as it allows them to put the thought out of their mind and they can fully relax knowing that their order is in the capable hands of our expert florists and careful delivery drivers. You can be sure that the wines and champagnes from Flowers Peterhead will be delivered to the recipient address in perfect condition. This allows you not to stress as if you were taking the wines and champagnes between two addresses yourself, then you may worry about them smashing en route. Not only do we supply wines and champagnes from our Flower Delivery Peterhead gifts collection, but also many other tasteful gifts such as: cute teddy bears, tasty boxes of chocolates, balloon bouquets for all occasions and of course, gorgeous flowers. The process of ordering the drinks is very simple and we can ensure you will not be confused. Firstly, you can order using our very simple process online on our Florists Peterhead website by simply selecting the wines and/or the champagnes which you would like and filling out the delivery information. Secondly, you can order by directly emailing us a description of the wine and/or champagne you would like along with the delivery information. You can also phone up the Flowers Peterhead store and we can take the order for you. Finally, you can actually come into our Florists Peterhead store to speak to a member of staff and order your champagne or wine. You can even pick it up there and then. Here at Flower Delivery Peterhead we have 40 years of experience in the flower industry.